Wrapping up Blogging: Beyond the Basics

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Today was the last day of the semester for the class I’ve been teaching at Columbia College Chicago—Blogging: Beyond the Basics. I’m really grateful to my old Metroblogging colleague Lauren Johnson for asking me to apply for the position. I won’t be returning next sesmter as the day job is getting a little busy, but I told my students today that I’ll probably start anecdotes for years with “Well, when I was teaching at Columbia College…”

I also want to thank my co-teacher Barbara Iverson, and all of the guest speakers who so graciously gave their time to come talk to our class either in person or by Skype: Andrew Huff, Claire Zulkey, Heidi Gollub, Kate Iorio, Keidra Chaney, and Rachel Yeomans.

In their final presentations, several of our students mentioned that they were going to be transferring their class blogs to outside hosting, or otherwise continuing their blogging.

  • Amelia’s site is Daughter of Eloise where she covers natural hair care and makeup.
  • Anna-Laura is moving her blog into her portfolio site at alkolleck.com.
  • Deanna will be continuing to blog at her fashion site Trends So Hard.
  • Gianna will be interning at College Fashionista.
  • Lorenzo is moving his poetry blog to ZOJPOETRY.
  • Maggie and Sam were both involved in creating a process blog about their Investigative Journalism class, where they looked into the Illinois Lottery.
  • Maurya continues blogging at her parenting blog Days with Pen.
  • Megan will be setting up Go For Megan on Square Space.
  • Sam may include her class blog in her portfolio site.
  • Taylor will be writing a column about /Teen Wolf/ at The Learned Fan Girl, starting in January.