Good question

Noah asks, "Why were you by the Division Blue Line?"

A couple of months ago, Ben Taylor introduced me to Seth Boustead, the executive director of Accessible Contemporary Music. Seth was putting together a concert of silent movies with new scores written by ACM members and he was looking for shorts for the project. It was mentioned that some of the musicians might be improvising their scores, so I suggested that it might be cool if I improvised some video as well, shooting just before the showing. I hit on the idea of making a sort of portrait of the Milwaukee, Division, Ashland intersection, where the Chopin Theatre is located. I think Seth was a little skeptical, until he came and saw the Neutrino Project and saw that we really could shoot quality video very quickly.

So, on Thursday night, Erica and I got off the train at the Division Blue Line stop and starting exploring and shooting. All the edits were done in-camera, and about an hour later we had a 4 and a half minute silent short and we headed over to the Chopin.

I was introduced to Jason and Ryan who are We Can and We Must and gave them a quick overview of the short. There wasn't any time to show them the short before the show started, so they just, you know, improvised.

Here's the short again, now that I know how to make a poster frame. It's a 11 meg Quicktime movie that (probably) requires Quicktime 7. (You can also right-click here to download the movie.)