A closing and an opening

This Wednesday is the last show of our current run of Neutrino Project: the Instant Movie. I'm sorry that I was hectoring you to see the show. So I'll stop. The super-secret discount still stands, though. So, um, come see the show.

And just when we're done with that show, Friday night WNEP Theater opens Soiree DADA: Schmückt de Hallen. (In fact, we're losing Erica, Jen, Patrick and Noah all from Neutrino on Wednesday for their last tech rehearsal for DADA.)

Soiree DADA is WNEP's version of the early twentieth century anti-art movement, filtered through some late twentieth century anti-clowning and modern theatrical sensibilities. WNEP has been putting on Soirees for more than a dozen years, and Erica joined the cast last year for Blinde Essel Hopse as DADA Flutter. She's back this go-round as one of the principal DADAs who will be in every show. I'll be appearing in occasional shows as one of the "swing DADAs" (I'm DADA little piece of string if you can't identify me under the whiteface.)

The show, if the oblique German did not clue in, is a holiday show. Which is radicchio. Angry fake-European anti-art takes on American Christmas. But I do think there's some great stuff in the show; not the least the pieces Erica and I have written.)

And if you've made it this far, here's your treat -- I have comps for this Friday's opening night. There's even a reception afterwards with tasty foods (and wines?). Let me know if you'd like to claim a spot. If you can't make opening night, but still want to see the show, it runs through December 21.