Impress These Apes Live Callback Special

Impress These Apes 2014

Tomorrow night (Monday, July 7) we sort-of start the Eighth season of Impress These Apes, Chicago’s favorite live, non-elimination talent competition hosted by hyper-intelligent apes from the future.

I say “sort-of” because tomorrow night’s show is the live “Callback Special”. We held auditions and about about fifty people tried out to be in the cast. We’ve called sixteen of them back and given them each a very specific challenge which they’ll perform on-stage in the hopes of being cast in the actual show. At the end of the night, we’ll reveal our cast of eight and then the actual eight week show will start the next week (July 14) and run for eight weeks with the apes and the new host and all. The apes won’t be at tomorrow night’s show, but instead we’ve got a very special guest host from Chicago’s television scene.

Impress These Apes
Tickets $10 ($12 for the rest of the run)
ComedySportz Chicago
929 W Belmont, Chicago