Impress These Apes - Week 2 - Video

Warning: Video contains a bunch of swearing (well, one swear word over and over) and might be NSFW.

Our week 2 challenge for Impress These Apes was to recreate a scene from a movie, with accuracy and details being stressed. I decided to do the beating up the printer scene from Office Space and built a printer and recruited my friend Bilal to play Samir. I think we did a pretty bang-up job (pun intended) and the judges scored us all eights. I remain in sixth place.

The challenge for next week is create a music video for a song that we were randomly assigned. I got Dirt Bike by They Might Be Giants. I filmed all my footage over the weekend and now I've got 3 days to edit it together. I'm pretty excited about my concepts -- I think this might be an actually-good video for the song, not just a joke.