I'm sitting in my hotel room in Philadelphia and I just emailed Shaun a complete script for our upcoming sketch show. Not necessarily done, but complete in the sense that there are no more places in the script where it says "insert brilliant sketch here" or "this is where the big speech happens" or such.

Shaun and I got accepted to Chicago Sketch Fest a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving on the basis of some old material, but we set out to write a whole new show just for Sketch Fest. It's been a time period marked by a week-long business trip for Shaun, a trip to Texas for me, and now this work trip to Philly. So we've been doing a lot of our collaboration over email. Which feels a little odd since we live in the same house. And have I mentioned the part about us usually doing improv?

Anyway, I'm very proud tonight at reaching this milestone. I think we've got a great concept for the show (it's a whole show rather than a series of unrelated sketches. Well, there are unrelated sketches, but they're framed in pretty tight.) and now we just have to execute. Which has to wait until I get back to Chicago. And until after I get some sleep tonight.