Some other things I'm up to

So, this late night show is chewing up a bunch of my time (video-editing, as I've noted before, is just time-consuming) but it's not the only artistic outlet going on at FuzzyCo.

For one, I'm coaching a new improv ensemble called Sass Patrol. It's some old friends from Documentary South and some others -- just 5 of them altogether. Part of the reason they asked me to coach them was that I've got experience with small groups, and indeed we've already had rehearsals with just 4 and 2 of the group there. They're letting me go wild with an improv-math heavy form, so I'm happy as a clam. No shows planned or scheduled anywhere soon, but you can be sure I'd let you know.

And I'm being taught a little, as I'm finally taking the 500 Clown workshop on "Risk, Play, and Relationship". I've wanted to take this class for a year or so, but I kept thinking "oh, I should see if signup for the next session is available" a week or two after that next session had already started. But Erica helped me keep on top of it this go-round and I had my first class on Monday. I came home sweaty and achy (in the good way) and full, already, of ideas about playfulness.

And I've got a bunch of comedy bits coming up -- I just realized I have a show 3 Saturdays this month -- two different burlesque shows and a Don't Spit the Water appearance (with Erica).

But I've been thinking it's time again to put out some feelers about performing improv (remember that stuff) with some group (of which this sentence is one of those feelers). Shaun's job kept Bare off everyone's radar last year and we haven't really gotten back on that horse. Neutrino Project is off until this summer (and I should be doing a bunch of producer-y stuff for that right now, but I'm not). It'd be nice to find some group I could just play with, and not have to arrange all the shows myself. Oh, how I'd love to be lazy.