Talked Funny

Talkin' Funny - Erica

I had a good time on Talkin' Funny last night. I wasn't sure how serious to try and take it, but Erica did a great job of weaving between actually answering Sasha's questions and just inhabiting the world those guys live in -- their little dance break was hilarious. Though, by the time she was on, all 20 of our viewers had switched to the Sox game.

One of the first call-in questions I got was about my still cameras and it threw me a little and I started babbling about my love for crappy/odd cameras like my Lomo (which is broken) and my Holga. I'm sure what the caller really wanted to know was that I shoot most of my pictures with a Sony F707. It's a four-year old camera, but I looove it. I've even tried out its update, the F828, but I didn't like it as much. My next most-used camera is my weensey Sony U30 -- it's got no zoom, slow auto-focus and lousy low-light performance. But it's about the size of a pack (and a half) of Hubba Bubba so I carry it just about everywhere. I also have a Nikon D1 that I got on a bargain, but I rarely use it because it's heavy as a brick and it's got a really loud shutter, both of which are annoying for live performance photography. Then some scattered film Nikons and a nice Minolta. And a box of crappy sub-phonecam digital cameras.

So, out of all those cameras, the only one I had with me last night was... the poop-tactular camera built into my Treo 600. Didn't stop me from taking a bunch of pictures.