The Cricket - Simplicity

The Cricket, 2015-12-03, Simplicity
The Cricket, 12/3/2015, “Simplicity”
(L to R) Fuzzy Gerdes, Shane Wilson, Nicky Margolis, Alex Trepka, Bumper Carroll (Zhukes Welder), Shad Kunkle

I’ve been really enjoying doing The Cricket—it’s scratching a performance itch that had been building up for a while (and I think it’s a pretty good show).

Last night we did the show at The Revival, on what was day 10 of that brand-new venue in Hyde Park. It’s pretty exciting to do improv on the same corner where improv started in Chicago—it’s the same intersection where the Compass Players first started doing improvised games after their scripted shows. I’ll be doing the show next week as well, if you’d like to see some improvised stories in a cool new venue.