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Kaki King
Kaki King at Martyrs, October 1, 2005

On Saturday, Erica and I went to see Kaki King at Martyrs'. We were trying to make it a fancy night out, and so we wanted to go out to a restaurant first and then go to the show, but we were running a little late and we ran into Phil and Monica and chatted for a while and then decided to just head straight for Martyrs'. Which worked out extraordinarily well on several levels. For one, we had an incredible ham and fig pizza. And we had gotten there just in time to get the last front-row seats, which was great for both taking photos and for listening to Kaki's quiet and subtle music. The last time I saw Kaki King was in a smaller place in Philadelphia and the entire audience was nearly completely silent for the whole show. At Martyrs', there was a pretty constant murmur from the back of the room and I think it would have driven me crazy to be farther back and known that I was missing some subtleties.

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