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First off, we're never extending a Neutrino Project run again -- it's just never worth it. I mean, I love doing the show, and our over-all quality doesn't change, but audiences always fall off immediately and everyone's schedules are all full up suddenly with projects they had put off until after the original end-date of the run. The last three weeks of September, the show was running like clock-work. Last night, between everyone's now-busy schedules we were really light on actors and camera people. And cameras -- everyone in the show is willing to step up and be an camera-person, but we had forgotten to secure an extra camera and so we only had three cameras for four teams.

So, we tried something new and different -- we used the Improv Kitchen's green screen studio as our fourth camera. Of course, we had never done it before, so it required a lot of frantic pre-show tech setup (cheers to the IK's Liviu who really stepped up and made it happen and to Ryan Stone for stepping in on tech). And, because of the green screen processing, it couldn't be taped, so we were live. Whenever it came time for team 1's "tape" to be played, Ryan would cue Shaun and me in the studio and we'd just go live for 2 or 3 minutes (once I saw Ryan give us the universal "stretch it out" hand signal, as evidently a tape was late) until they cut us off.

There were plenty of bobbles with our lapel mics (oops -- we're still live!) and more blue screen between tapes than I usually like. But it worked, the show happened, and I think it was pretty good.

We also stuck a group in a cab, which I think has been done before by other Neutrino casts, but we've never done (I think).