Neutrino Project from New Orleans

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The Chicago Neutrino Project, plus special guests, in New Orleans, 10/17/2009:

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I'm proud to present the Neutrino Project that we filmed in New Orleans during the 2009 New Orleans Improv Fest. The Neutrino Project is a tough show to travel with—it requires a trained crew and a large cast familiar with the very specialized constraints of the show. By the time we arrived in New Orleans, we'd had enough cancelations from folks that we had our crew—myself, Shaun, Michael Starcevich, and the invaluable Greg Inda—but we only had two cast members—Kristen Freilich and Alison Blanche Mayer, the latter a former Chicago cast member who kindly drove in from Texas.

So Shaun and I set ourselves to watching the Friday night shows with a critical eye—we scouted for folks from other groups whose energy we thought we would work for the Neutrino Project and pounced on them after the shows. Magically, we assembled a wonderful cast who all just 'got' the Neutrino Project. Our special guests were:

Kristin Firth and Jessica Arjet of Firth & Arjet (Austin, TX)
Grace Blakeman of ComedySportz New Orleans
Kate Adair of La Nuit (New Orleans)

The video I'm presenting here is much as the live audience saw it. Usually I record the show as it's happening (on spaceage VCR technology!) to capture the live soundtrack mix, but I didn't have one handy in New Orleans, so this is a reconstruction from the scene-by-scene tapes. Starcevich had used the song Bad Ass by The Fuglees to great effect in the show and we thought was worth editing that back in. And then once I'd made the show copyright-dirty by including that song, I replicated as best I could remember the transition and incidental music we'd used through the rest of the show.

Finally, the presentation of the video here is a bit of an experiment. Usually I'd host copyright-questionable video on YouTube, but I can't upload a video of this length there. Vimeo will accept the length of video, but is very strict about copyright. We had used Google Video to host Neutrino Projects in the past, but they're not accepting new videos (presumably a fallout of Google's acquistion of YouTube). So, I'm hosting it myself. Do let me know if performance, soundsync, etc is acceptable. You can also download the show as a 170 MB Quicktime movie.