The Tesla of Video Improv

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Matt Donnelly, of the New York improv group Neutrino, was interviewed on the podcast Improvised New York and covers, among things like his engagement* and how improv saved his life, the history of the creation of the Neutrino Video Projects. I'm mentioned** and Matt calls me "the Tesla" of video improv. I guess you'll just have to listen to figure out what that means.

I will say, though, that I don't think we in Chicago were quite as far along with our own version of the Neutrino Video Projects as Matt gives us credit for. It was certainly the case that when Shaun and I saw the NVP for the first time at the Del Close Marathon in the summer of 2002 we were blown away—we just knew it was something we *had* to do. Perhaps it was simply that we were in the right place with our combination of technical ability and enthusiasm for new forms of improv to take the NVP and run with it in Chicago.

(via Kevin Mullaney)

* Congrats, Matt.
** My last name is actually pronounced Grrr-dis.