And again

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I walked into the room tonight while Erica's mom was reading the last post. A potentially endless vortex of posting about reading about posting about reading about...

And I sent Tony a picture of me reading his book and he posted it and linked to me and I'm linking to him and around it goes.

There was BBQ today. A little too much -- we had it for lunch and I'm still having BBQ burps.

And we were finally in a place today where Erica's dad said, "This is what Vicksburg is like." Gingerbread lattes and model trains that run around the ceiling, evidently.

Saw a hundred things today that if I were by myself I'd pull over and take a picture of. But I was not by myself and I wasn't driving so I just watched them go by outside the car window.

I guess we left a mess of weather back up in the midwest. Kate couldn't make it home to Ohio because all the flights were canceled.

And there's probably a couple dozen of the many, many who read Tony's site who will have clicked over here because, hey, why not, and here's my one chance to impress them with how cool I write and I'm going all cheese-sandwich. But that's where I am today -- just grabbing five minutes by myself (Erica's family is great, and I'd say that even if Erica's mom wasn't going to read this tomorrow (vortex!), but I spent alllllll day with them and there's just a limit, you know) to chill out. So, hey.