FuzzyFest 2014 Advance Warning

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Dear Friends[1],

FuzzyFest, my annual celebration of the continued existence of me, isn’t until February 2014, but I’m alerting y’all early because this time there’s a third-party registration component, should you choose to accompany me on that phase of the party. There are going to be three phases to the day and you’re welcome to join for any combination you like. The deets:

FuzzyFest - February 2, 2014

Phase I - Too Much Healthy!

FuzzyFest is going to start out with me running a 10K that starts and ends at Soldier Field. The Chi-Town Big Game 5K/10K is at 9:00 am/9:20 am respectively. One of the enticements of the race is that you don’t have to stand around in the cold waiting for the start, nor waiting for other finishers at the end — the United Club will be open to participants before and after the race. There’s also a tech t-shirt and race beanie.

The 5K and 10K are $48/$58 through the end of the year and then go up $7. No pressure, of course—I know many of you are not runners and even the ones who are are probably not running outside over the winter, because you are not idiots.

Phase II - That’s More Like It!

After the race, around 11 am, the party will move to our house for a recovery brunch with beers and mimosas and bloody marys. Oh yeah, and I suppose some brunch food as well.

(Email me if you don’t know where our house is.)

Phase III - Sportsball Contest!

The party will keep rolling through the day and at 6:30 pm we’ll turn on the aforementioned “Big Game”—i.e., the Super Bowl. It’ll be the kind of Super Bowl party where we talk through the game and everyone pays attention to the commercials, so if that kind of thing bugs you, I’m guessing there might be one or two other places to see the game? We’ll have sports-game-watching foods like more beer and pizza and chips in a thing that looks like a football field and cupcakes in the colors of the appropriate teams. Sports!

Same place as Phase II.

I’d love to see you on February 2!

your pal, Fuzzy

[1] If you’re not my friend you can just stop reading now.