Bastille Day 5K 2011

Bastille Day 5k 2011

The follow-up to my barefoot-ish running experiments is that I don't think my problem is a return of plantar fasciitis. But I did definitely do something to my right heel (a deep bruise or something?) and so after a very painful half-mile run a month ago, I've been sticking to biking and swimming and trying to be as gentle as possible with my feet. But we were signed up for the Bastille Day 5K last night and so I laced up my normal running shoes and set out to take it easy and see how it went. Erica was tired from a big day of biking and a fast run the day before and so she was happy to stay down at a moderate pace with me. I'm happy to report that I made it through the run without any serious pain. My heels are a little sore this morning, but I'm hoping it's regular haven't-run-in-a-month aches, and not serious stop-running-now-before-you-have-to-take-another-month-off pain. I've got a hard run in a week (it's right in the name) and then the triathlon in a month, so I'm going to abandon the toe shoes for the time being and then pick up the experiment again in September.

My Bastille Day results:

Time: 37:18
Pace: 12:02
Overall place: 922 / 1494
Place in sex: 388 / 550
Place in division (M, 40-44): 46 / 69

(Same race last year)