Bigfoot Triathlon 2012 (PR)

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Erica has written a great post about our trip up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to do the Bigfoot Triathlon, so there's not a lot to add. I felt pretty hardqore swimming without a wetsuit, the bike was gorgeous (despite all the hills), and I had a little tickiness in my knee that prevented me from going flatout in the run, but oh well, this was just our warm-up triathlon. (And heck, this was my first timed Sprint Distance triathlon, so it's automatically a PR!)

And yes, having Magic Hat No. 9 as the post-race beer was a lot nicer than Michelob Ultra or what-have-you.

It's Erica!

Mostly I'm super proud of Erica for finishing, and rocking, her first for-reals triathlon (that's her determination, not mine -- I was proud of her last year for doing the super-sprint despite her injuries).

We've been tossing around the idea of doing a podcast reviewing the races that we run, and rather than get started in any sort of professional manner, I pulled out my iPhone on the drive back from Wisconsin and pointed it into everyone's faces as we discussed the race. The sound quality is commensurate with the circumstances.

As an mp3: The Unnamed Race Reviews Podcast - Episode 01

More photos

My official results:
Sprint Distance
Total Time 1:58:47
Overall Place 342 / 400
Gender Place 189 / 207
Division (M40-44) Place 22 / 23
Swim 21:03
Trans1 8:24
Bike 52:05
Trans2 3:05
Run 34:12