Bucktown 5K 2010

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Erica before the Bucktown 5k, 2010 Shaun before the Bucktown 5k, 2010

Fuzzy before the Bucktown 5k, 2010

Erica, Shaun, and I ran the Bucktown 5K this weekend (Foresman, Dori and Becky were around somewhere, but we didn't run into them). My time was pretty poor—I've only run a couple of times since the Triathlon—and my knees were really feeling it by the end of the run. I'm signed up for the 15K distance of the Hot Chocolate next month and I'm starting to regret that ambition a little.

The official results:

Time: 35:36
Pace: 11:28
Overall place: 2925 / 3535
Place in sex: 1275 / 1423
Place in division (M, 40-44): 127 / 138

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