Bunny Rock 5K

Bunny Rock 5K

I kinda did things in the wrong order this weekend, running the long-run (6 miles and change) of my current training schedule yesterday and then this morning running a 5K. But that was just how everything shook out. So I was a little tired and sore from the start, but I still managed to come in around my current 5K time.

I don't usually wear the shirt of the race to the race, but the Bunny Rock gave everyone these ears and (cheap) sunglasses, so I thought I'd be a sport and add to the group effect. I didn't see as many dropped ears and sunglasses as I thought I would along the course, but I also saw plenty of people running with their ears in their hand by the end of the race.

Official results:

My official results:

Time: 30:42.05
Pace: 9:54
Overall place: 532 / 1566
Place in sex: 267 / 469
Place in division (M, 40-44): 29 / 43