Crypt 5K

Shaun, Fuzzy, Erica, and Kristen

(Shaun and I did not plan to both wear our new Triple Challenge finisher’s shirt, but oh well, we’re nerds.)

Last night Shaun and Kristen and Erica and I went out for a run in the Rosehill Cemetary for the inaugural Crypt 5K. The run had some logistical problems, that we talk about on the podcast, but it was pretty cool to run in near-darkness (many sections lit only by the full moon) through the cemetary.

Crypt 5K Route

Official Results:

Time: 42:30
Pace: 13:43
Overall place: 498 / 572
Place in sex: 174 / 195
Place in division (M, 40-44): 25 / 32