Evanston Flying Turkey 5K 2022

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I’ve got my own little Thanksgiving tradition now, whenever we’re in Chicago for Thanksgiving (which is most years). I run the Evanston Flying Turkey 5K and then swing by Hoosier Mama Pies to pick up a pre-order (this year: Maple Pecan and a Butternut Squash quiche).

I hadn’t been running a lot this year and so I decided to do a couch-to-5K program just for the structure of it. I picked a random one from a Google search with a cartoon of an Avocado on a treadmill on the chart (I’m not going to link to it) and worked backwards from this week. I guess it worked because I ran the thing just over 30 minutes, which is my usual “pretty OK” 5K time.

Official Results:
Time: 30:14
Pace: 9:44 min/mi
Place: 859 / 2747
Place in Sex: 545 / 1273
Place in Division (M50-54): 59 / 138