Muddy Buddy

Fuzzy and Erica, finishing

Shaun, Erica, our good friend Matt, and I did the Muddy Buddy this weekend—a 6 mile obstacle-laden off-road course that you complete in pairs with one bicycle between you. Erica did a really extensive run-down of the day, to which I'll just add that she was a champ. Erica had never ridden a mountain bike before a week ago, and certainly had never ridden off-road, so to complete 2 seriously challenging off-road biking legs and really ride most of it, well I'm quite impressed.

The aforementioned crappy-but-waterproof camera came along in my bike bag and I took some shots along the way.

Official results:

Time: 1:28:40
Overall place: 1428 / 1469
Place in division (Coed, 66-75*): 118 / 121

* Combined age