Rudolph Ramble 8K 2013

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Rudolph Ramble 8K

I mean, we don’t have to run a race when my brother is in town. It’s just becoming a habit. (And I guess it’s not like I don’t run races otherwise.) Anyway, Shaun and Zach and Disco and I all ran the Rudolph Ramble 8K this morning down in Lincoln Park. The race was kind of a cluster. The route was half-plowed and the often narrow path was bi-directional for several sections. So it was all very slow and the only way to pass people was to run out into the snow. It ended up being a lot like a trail run. Not quite as much as the one Zach ran the day before in the same general area, but still a really hard workout. So, yay?

Official results:

Time: 49:57
Pace: 10:03 mins/mile
Overall Place: 503 / 1599
Place in Sex: 276 / 565
Place in Age Group (M40-44): 30 / 64