Run for the Zoo

Erica and I are both training for the same triathlons this summer, but we haven't actually been training together that much--we each have another training partner and slightly different schedules. (I was going for longer distances leading up to the SF10, she swims near work, I use Gill Park, etc etc.) But this morning we were doing a 5K without any of our other partners and it was a ton of fun to bike down to Lincoln Park and then run together. I'm really lucky that I can share something like that with my sweetheart.

And the run this morning was a blast. It was the Run for the Zoo, which finishes with its last mile or so through the grounds of the Lincoln Park Zoo, mostly through the large animal enclosures. So I was all "rhino! alpaca! camel! hairy cow thing!"

Official results:

Time: 33:33
Pace: 10:50
Overall place: 1203 / 1872
Place in sex: 536 / 761
Place in division (M, 40-44): 47/67