Soldier Field 10 2013

Soldier Field 10

I thought freelancing would mean blogging galore, but instead it’s a lot of running around working for other people (I mean, who knew, right?) and being, for example, two weeks late talking about a big race like the Solider Field 10. Anyway, we did talk about it on the podcast (also late) and Erica blogged the heck out of it—for good reason, it’s the longest she’s ever run in her life and I’m really proud of her.

A postscript: a lesson learned, don’t try to do math right after a race. I tweeted that this was a PR for 10 miles, but in fact I was three minutes faster last year. Oops.

Official Results:
Time: 1:39:33
Pace: 9:58
Place: 7094 / 12537
Place in Age Group (M, 40-44): 607 / 868
Place in Gender: 3813 / 5337