Soldier Field 10

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Soldier Field 10

Yesterday was the Soldier Field 10, which I've been working towards all spring. Except for the last three weeks or so when I got injured and then went to Mississippi and then got sick. So I was a little undertrained going in, but I wasn't going to miss it for the world. And, indeed, I only coughed for the first mile or so, and didn't have any knee pain until mile six or so. So, you know, win. Erica came along and did a 2-mile walk, which she was pretty OK fun, but she's already talking about tackling the run itself next year.

Shaun took off right at the start, but came back just before entering the stadium (none of this "Race Near Wrigley" bs, you finish the Soldier Field 10 on the 50 yard line), sacrificing his chip-time to run it in with me, which was very nice. I also saw Claire and Chip within 5 minutes of each other somewhere around mile 8. As each one of them passed me, I picked up from my walk and ran with them a few minutes until my knees gave out again. Stupid knees.

Chip's post reminded me that we heard an announcement just as we were coming into the stadium that they had changed the course conditions grade to "black" and were officially canceling the race. It all seemed very odd to me, because while it was a little humid, it was definitely still running weather AND it was only 20 minutes or so from the time when they were going to cut off the race anyway (to close down the stadium).

My shoes say I ran 10.07 mi on 5/29/2010 at 7:33 AM with a pace of 13'09"/mi (the shoes always get a little pre- and post-race shuffling around).

Official results:

Time: 2:05:05 (split time 55:38)
Pace: 12:31
Overall place: 7714 / 8340
Place in sex: 3511 / 3688
Place in division (M, 40-44): 467 / 489