South Shore Tri 2012

South Shore Tri Finishers

Shaun, Erica, and I ran the South Shore Triathlon today. Erica and I are running off to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, so if you want to know how we liked the race, you'll have to listen to our latest podcast:

As an mp3: The Unnamed Race Reviews Podcast - Episode 03

My official results:
Sprint Distance
Total Time 1:37:22
Overall Place 727 / 949
Gender Place 471 / 533
Division (M40-44) Place 61 / 68
Swim 17:14
Trans1 4:47
Bike 42:59
Trans2 3:53
Run 28:31

Updates on a couple things here.

Erica's blog post on the race.

Erica and I were at Run Away Multisport (the retail arm of RAM Racing) today picking up our packets for the Terrapin 5K and we chatted with Charlie who runs the RAM blog and a couple of other folks whose name I didn't catch. They all emphasized that they hadn't talked to any of the course marshals, so this is not anything official, but we talked about our question as to whether the swim had been shortened. They said that all of the buoys were where they were supposed to be, but that because the swim was started farther out in the water than the planned start point (to get swimmers out of the waves crashing on the shore), the route would have been a hair shorter than planned. As well, one guy speculated that our times were faster than expected because we were doing so much pushing off the bottom. That's certainly true—I think I mention in the podcast that I got into a rhythm of taking 5 or 6 strokes, getting barreled over by a big wave, standing up to get my bearings on the next buoy and then pushing off for another set of strokes. Here's the route as originally planned (the white arrows) and then our actual path (the red arrows are where we were walked out to start, the blue lines our path after that):

South Shore Tri - Actual Swim

Also, in the podcast I refer to a video released by RAM Racing addressing criticisms of the Hot Chocolate 15K which I said was hosted by a dancing cup of hot chocolate. I can't actually find that video, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't hot chocolate but rather the marshmallow man seen in this video below. I regret the (probable) error.