Stan's Donuts 5K

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There’s so much that could be said about the Stan’s Donuts 5K. I mean, you know we love a race with a gimmick, and we love donuts, and we do actually like /Stan’s/ Donuts. So how could we not sign up for this 5K. It might be a little on-the-nose, in fact, that we moved a dentist appointment to be able to sign up the race.

A minor hitch in the race morning plan was that Erica’s half-marathon training schedule called for her to run 6 miles this weekend, not just 3. But the race was at Montrose Harbor, which is about 2 miles from our house, and so it just meant we got to be the hardcore people who run to, and then a little past and back to, the race.

A gimmick of the race I didn’t realize until we were in it was that they didn’t just give you a donut at the end of the race, but they gave you a mini-donut at Mile 1 and then another mini-donut at Mile 2. I’m a big believer in doing-the-gimmick — I mean, it’s why we signed up for the dumb thing in the first place, right? But donuts are not really mid-race food, I now feel confident in declaring. The first one wasn’t too bad, especially because there was a water station fairly soon afterwards, which helped wash it down. But the second donut was already a little much donut. Enough so that our post-race full-size donuts went home with us in their boxes. (Stan’s is fancy and has single-donut boxes.)


Time: 37:00
Pace: 11:55
Place: 1578 / 2691
Place in Division (M45-49): 35 / 52
Place in Gender: 602 / 813