Terrapin 5K 2012

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Last night Erica, Shaun and I biked down to Soldier Field* and ran the Terrapin 5K, a Grateful Dead-themed race held every year around Jerry Garcia's birthday (August 1). Wait, let me correct that—Erica wasn't there, Bob Weir was:

Bob Weir at the Terrapin 5K

Now, Erica was Bob Weir, not Jerry Garcia, because, well, basically because our jokes can never be simple. The main indication she was Bob Weir was the Ratdog tanktop she made, so she got lots of "Happy Birthday Jerry"s. Cie la vie. Shaun and I ran a nice fast (for me) 5K and Bob Weir ran pretty fast for a 64 year old man (or for a woman who last year was unable to run this race at all because of her injuries). And we continue to record our little podcast reviewing these races:

As an mp3: The Unnamed Race Reviews Podcast - Episode 04

My official results:
Total Time: 28:24
Overall Place: 1365 / 3543
Gender Place: 833 / 1475
Division (M40-44) Place: 121 / 208

* Making it a brick day in our triathlon training. Bonus.

Update: here's a photo of the 'special' pint glass we mention in the podcast:

'Special' Pint Glass