Treat or Treat Trot results

Shaun was signed up for the Treat or Treat Trot 5k and sent me a text message Friday night asking if I was as well. I wasn't, but I had a terrible night's sleep and woke up too early with a sore back Saturday morning and I figured that a 3 mile run couldn't make me feel any worse. And, hey, you get a shirt.

The run actually felt pretty good, and triggered off a day of productivity around the house.

So here's my results:

Time: 31:49.5
Pace: 10:15
Overall place: 383/827
Place in sex: 170/270
Place in division (M, 35-39): 18/27

And I guess I never posted my Bucktown 5k results, from three weeks ago (Oct 4, 2009):

Time: 31:59
Pace: 10:18
Overall place: 2530/3581
Place in sex: 1150/1360
Place in division: 176/208

Ten seconds faster in three weeks! I'm flying!