Sometimes the Internet answers

A neat thing about our modern internety-webbly world, is that sometimes you can get little questions answered, little connections made. A couple of weeks ago Florida Cracker posted a picture of a giant carving of "Remember Duane Allman" on a roadside in Vicksburg, Mississpippi and wondered about the story behind it. Somehow, one of Erica's friends came across the post and left a comment that he knew part of the story, because he knew that Erica's dad was one of the "sculptors" of the carving. He passed the link along to Erica's family and now Erica's mom has added to the story. Maybe we can get Erica's dad to write up a complete account of the saga of Remember Duane Allman.

Update: Florida Cracker's update with a bigger picture
Update 2007: The Vicksburg Post did a big story on the carving, which prompted more memories and photos to be dug out.