Too Much Goin' On

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Erica and I had a great Thanksgiving in Austin (well, Round Rock/Pflugerville) with my family. I have super-cute pictures of my super-cute niece and nephew I need to share with you. (Yes, need.)

And Kenan installed iTunes Watcher and then scrapped that and set up with Audioscrobbler and I thought, yeah it'd be cool to have a lil' thing on the sidebar here that says what I've been listening to, even if it means finally learning a little PHP to make it happen, so I got myself an Audioscrobbler account just in time for their servers to all blowup. So, OK, maybe iTunes Watcher is more suited to my needs, anyway... and the whole Thought Anomalies website was down (it's back up now). Grrr. Just frustrating. (What I have been listening to, I'll tell you, is a bunch of Pete Miser. Oh, and this morning Accordion Tribe's Boeves Psalm came up on random on my iPod and I rewound it and played it 4 times in a row. (I originally found it at Music For Robots.))

So I gave up on iTunes for the moment and I thought I'd work on being able to post to FuzzyCo from my Treo. I found a ton of scripts and it took me a couple hours to figure out that each one did about 85% of what I wanted and that I was going to have to pick one and modify it to suit my needs and by then it was time to go have dinner with my honey. So all together a frustrating time. Why aren't things exactly arranged for my convenience!?

And then Shaun and I are busy working on our sketch show for Chicago Sketch Fest (Sunday, January 9 at 5:30 pm!). Except that he's been out of town and sick and I'm sick and about to go out of town.

Oh yeah, I'm gonna be in Philadelphia all next week. I'll be in training all day, but I have Tuesday to Thursday night free. Is there anything fun to do in Philadelphia?