Soiree DADA with a terrible, terrible camera

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Three Figures

So I took pictures on the opening night of Soiree DADA with a disposable camera, with interesting, if not excellent, results. Mid-way through the run I saw the show again and took some shots with my normally dependable little U30 which totally freaked out. Well, where there's two, I have to make it three and make it a series. So for closing weekend I stopped in at Walgreen's and bought the cheapest digital camera they had -- a $10 Vivitar "Mini Digital Camera". My goodness, what a terrible camera. I've used plenty of these little cameras over the years (I have a weakness for them) and this one is by far the worst. Oh, it's so bad. (And Vivitar doesn't even want to acknowledge this little turd -- hold onto that driver CD, because you can't download the driver from the Vivitar website.)

(I also took some pictures with my now-non-freaking U30.)