The Book of Drugs: A Memoir

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Mike Doughty wrote a book. It's called The Book of Drugs. It's about taking drugs, and then not taking drugs. It's about being in a band, and then not being in a band. It's very, very, very honest. If you are interested in drugs or bands or honesty then you should read this book.

FuzzyCo grade: A

(I was going to leave it there, but then I made the mistake of reading some of the Amazon reviews . Even the people leaving four and five star reviews continue to chastise Mike for not being more grateful to Soul Coughing or the fans who love that music. See that part up there where I talk about honesty? Mike could have made the nicey face: "Oh, I had a bad time in the band, but I'm glad you like the music." But he's given us all the gift of telling us how he actually feels. I mean, I've made a piece of art or two in my time, and when I look back at them, I can see every single flaw and they all hurt. And when a collaborator has made the flaw, even if I like them (which I do, all of my artistic collabators! Nicey face!) it stings a little. And if I hated those collaborators and they had taken advantage of me for years and were involved in a terrible part of my life, yeah, I could see how even hearing the name of one of those pieces of art could be infuriating. Anyway, Mike doesn't need me to defend him in a parenthetical comment.)

Zulkey interviews Mike Doughty in text
Klausner interviews Mike Doughty in sound