Soul Bubbles

Soul Bubbles is one of the funnest games ever. Srsly! It's probably in the platformer genre, but instead of controlling a little jumping Mario et al, you're a "Soul Herder" who blows on the titular Soul Bubble to navigate it across a dangerous world to safe rest in a Soul Cube. (How many times can I can say "Soul"?)

Said "blowing" is accomplished with the DS' stylus, not by actually blowing into the microphone. There was a brief awkward moment at the beginning of the game where you're required to blow into the microphone and I wondered if I'd be able to play this game on the train, but thankfully that was the only time that was required -- I assume to check off some Nintendo "uses special features of the DS" requirement.

Anyway, the game mechanic is both interestingly different and plain old fun. And the music and design is top notch. I loved it, can you tell? And hey, it's not just me -- it's won two Milthons and it was nominated for a BAFTA this year. (And hey, guess what else was up for a BAFTA -- Ninjatown, which I just found out had its story and dialogue written by my good friend Dan's brother, Robbie Q. Telfer.)

FuzzyCo grade: A+