New Orleans Improv Fest

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The gang on Bourbon Street

Last weekend I was down in New Orleans for the New Orleans Improv Fest—we did Bare on Friday and the Neutrino Project on Saturday. It's hard not to have a good time in New Orleans and the trip didn't disappoint.

For some reason (or reasons, Obama was in town on Thursday and there was a big Giants-Saints game on Sunday) travel was really difficult to book and expensive. Going down we had a 4 hours layover in Birmingham, AL. We sat in an airport bar the whole time and our stay exactly coincided with the 3 hour balloon boy saga. Coming back we tried to get out of town a little earlier, which just ended up meaning that we were in the New Orleans airport for 7 hours.

Bare did the first NOIF back in 2004. The second was to have been in 2005, but was canceled by Katrina. And then for the last two years Shaun has been in England.

We also took down the bare minimum crew to do the Neutrino Project—Shaun, Starcevich, and I on cameras, Inda in the booth, and just two experienced actors: Kristen from Chicago and Alison drove over from Texas. We picked up four actors from other groups at the festival: Grace Blakeman from ComedySportz New Orleans, Jessica Arjet and Kristin Firth from Firth & Arjet of Austin, and Kate Adair of La Nuit in New Orleans. With just a half-hour of "this is how the show works and things you might want to think about for acting on film" they all dove into the show and we produced a really good show.

Other than that, it was a lot of good food and hanging out. And drinking. And food.

Matt from Storm Surge Photo was taking pictures all weekend and got some great shots:

Shaun meets a new friend
Getting the Neutrino Project objects