Howling Fanpod

This is how sadly neglected this once-shining jewel of the FuzzyCo Blogging Demi-Empire is: I’m six episodes into a new podcast and haven’t even posted about it here.

I’ve tried, as many people have, to read David Foster Wallace’s giant novel Infinite Jest several times over the years and it’s sat on my “to be read soon” pile in the bedroom for years, mocking me. Recently, I realized that the 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back podcast had tricked me into reading several really terrible books, so surely there was a podcast out there that would hand-hold me through reading this supposedly-great book. I searched and couldn’t find one, so I decided I’d have to make it and hand-hold myself.

I tricked my good friend Kate into reading the book with me and we’re releasing an episode every week (or so). The podcast is called the Howling Fanpod (that’s an Infinite Jest joke) and so of course the website is Terrible Photos of People I Love. There’s an intro episode and then 6 real ones so far — there will be 13 by the time we’re done.