About the Podcast

Thanks for checking out our podcast. We’re a group of friends who have come to athletics from a variety of backgrounds, but who all enjoy the many organized races that the Chicago area has to offer. We care about the physical effort, but we also care about the creature comforts: how cool is the race t-shirt and how good was the post-race beer?

Your usual hosts are:

  • Fuzzy Gerdes - Fuzzy has always enjoyed outdoor activities like hiking and rock-climbing, but only started seriously running in 2007 when he decided to go from couch to Marathon. That was the year they called off the Chicago Marathon because it was too hot and they didn’t have enough water and he only finished 18 miles. Fuzzy has gone on to complete the Chicago Triathlon four times, including doing the Triple Challenge in 2012.
  • Erica Reid - Erica has been a dancer since she was four years-old. She never really considered running until she married Fuzzy. She completed her first International Distance Triathlon at the Chicago Triathlon in 2012.
  • Shaun Himmerick - Shaun is the one of us who has always been a runner. He ran track in high-school and college (Go Boilers!) and among many other accomplishments completed Ironman Louisville in 2010.

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