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Blewt! Sings - Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 10:00 PM

Blewt! SingsBlewt! is taking its show Don't Spit the Water! to the Comedy Central Stage in Los Angeles for a performance on May 28th. To help raise money for our trip, we're holding a karaoke party at Trader Todd's. Your favorite comics and characters from Don't Spit the Water! will be joining the fun with karaoke performances, and, of course, you'll be welcome to pick up the mic and sing a song or two!

Your admission of $40 gets you unlimited drinks and appetizers from 8pm to 10pm. Half of that money goes directly toward the cost of sending 7 actors out to Los Angeles to perform fart jokes for strangers.

Blewt! Sings!
Thursday, May 22nd @ Trader Todd's
3216 N. Sheffield
8pm to 10pm - $40
Open Bar, Appetizers, Karaoke!

Purchase your tickets now to get on the guest list for this exciting event! All admissions come with a FREE ticket to a future performance of Don't Spit the Water and a lifetime of gratitude from the Blewt! family.

Blewt! Sings ticket: $40


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