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It Came From the Neo-Futurarium - Thursday, July 24, 2008 at 8:00 PM

Ninja 3: The DominationI'll be the narrator in Camenae's dramatic reading of Ninja III: The Domination for the Neo-Futurists' It Came From the Neo-Futurarium.

"A mysterious, relentless masked warrior kills a scientist, his entourage, and half of the Los Angeles Police Department before being gunned down on a golf course...and then his soul possesses the body of a sexy aerobics instructor to continue his mission of murder! Floating swords, mostly silent one-eyed martial artists, vaguely Asian mysticism, and the erotic properties of tomato juice combine into an action-packed kill-fest directed by Dana Dardai of the Camenae Ensemble Theatre Company."

The Neo-Futurarium
5153 N. Ashland Ave. 2nd Fl.
Chicago, IL


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