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Hump Night - Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 7:30 PM

My good friend Jose Gonzalez from Phoenix has a slot at Kevin Mullaney’s Hump Night show and has put together a CIF all-star cast for the night.

7:30 - The Improv Hour featuring two groups:
Dinosaur with Lauren Gilbert
Barrel Roll with Kate Anderson, Shaun Clayton, Fuzzy Gerdes, Jose Gonzalez, Shaun Himmerick, Greg Inda

8:30 - The Variety Hour
A story by J. W. Basilo, standup by Will Meinen and Lane Pieschel, sketch by Princess Palace, and more sketch by Bethanie John.

9:45 - Mullaney Chain
With guest improvisors Susan Messing, Lauren Dowden, plus two more to be named.

Strawdog Theatre Company
3829 N Broadway, Chicago


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