2007 by the numbers

I've always been impressed with improv groups that celebrate their 100th show or whathaveyou, not just for the longevity, but because I've never kept that good of records, to even know when the 100th show was. Until this year, when I started using a modified blog to create the little performance calendar on the FuzzyCo home page (and another on Erica's sidebar). So now I can tell you in 2007 I did:

for a total of 84 shows.

I also read 38 books (down from 79 last year), saw 34 movies, and played 14 video games all the way through (I'm in the middle of about 6 others).

I ran 335 miles, including 18 miles of the Chicago Marathon.

I posted 2004 photos on Flickr, posted 243 tweets, and made 410 blog posts here at FuzzyCo and another 261 at the Chicago Metblog.