More tattoo places

originally posted on Metroblogging Chicago

I had just put this list together for a friend who asked where to get a tattoo and I was going to put this all in the comments of Officer Gleason's post, but then I remembered that I can just post it! Bwa-haha!

Other tattoo places I would recommend:

I have a tattoo by Patrick Cornolo and my roommate has one from Kim Saigh, who together are Cherry Bomb Tattoo. We recommend them both, respectively.

Cherry Bomb Tattoo
1579 N Milwaukee

James Kern at No Hope No Fear is awesome. And he's moved to Oregon. But the website says he's often in Chicago, so it's worth a shot seeing if you can make an appointment.

No Hope No Fear
1917 W Division St

Erica and I had a good experience at Tatu Tattoo.

Tatu Tattoo
1754 W North Ave

Someday I want to get a tattoo from Hannah Aitchison at Deluxe Tattoo

Deluxe Tattoo
1459 W Irving Park

My roommate has a tattoo from the Tattoo Factory and would recommend them.

Tattoo Factory
4408 North Broadway