Dirty Movie Night

Update: I've found out about the other Dirty Movie Night from the comments here and I've posted a response.
Update2: We've renamed the show SINema.


So Franky made a poster, which is one of the great things about working with a producer. Usually it's me running around trying to do 10 things at once. With Franky on board, that's down to 6 or 7 things.

We're putting up this show, if you haven't noticed, on something of a tight schedule. I've only just finalized the video pieces we're going to use for opening night and now I'm sitting, an hour away from rehearsal, willing the DVD encoding to go faster so that I can actually show it to the cast. That's a downside of a video-based show. I seem to recall promising myself after both our hugely complex Sketchfest show last year and after our last run of the tech-heavy Neutrino Project that my next show would be simple, simple, simple. And yet here I am, up to my neck in DVDs and VHSes of old movies, watching a progress bar creep across a monitor.

I'm really leaning on my cast for this show. Andrea Swanson has done this kind of thing with me before, in Cinema 2.0. Erica is delighfully vulgar and is very kind to let me throw her into another show when she's already in rehearsals for a real play. Jared Logan is a treat as Kelly Paynes in Don't Spit the Water and brings a very-different (to me) stand-up comedy sense of preparedness to the show. And Shaun always brings the oomph. Shaun is the oomph.