15-Minute Hamlet

I have pretty good GoogleFu, and when it fails, I've had some luck with just putting the questions out there and letting time and other people's Google skills bring the answers to me. In January, I asked on Ask Metafilter if anyone knew of how to get a copy (legitimately, hopefully) of Todd Louiso's short film adaptation of Tom Stoppard's 15-Minute Hamlet (starring Austin Pendleton as Hamlet, Todd Louiso as Ophelia, and Philip Seymour Hoffman in several roles). Noone on that usually helpful site had any ideas, but this weekend I received an email from a helpful Internet stranger who had seen that question and then had gone on to find a recently-uploaded (10 days ago today!) copy from someone's old video tape (they say "1980s", but the film is from 1995, so their memory is tricking them) and was kind enough to circle back around and send me an email pointing at the videos. Thanks, AC!

And why wouldn't I share this delightful short film with you: