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Time Out Chicago recommends Soiree DADA as one of five shows to see at a matinee (there's a whole thing going on about 'getting high' because that was the theme of the issue. Yeah, I don't get it either.)

#4 Soiree DADA

As long as you’re not the paranoid type, check out this WNEP play. Just be careful—those white-faced DADA dudes can stare right into your soul.

And the Chicago Reader's Zac Thompson has reviewed the show in the issue out today, and proclaimed it a "Critic's Choice":
Hugo Ball, whose Cabaret Voltaire birthed Dada during World War I, described it as "both buffoonery and a requiem mass." The latest in WNEP Theater's "Soiree Dada" series, whose subtitle means "Blind Donkey Hopscotch," gets that. Performed by nine clowns in whiteface and tramp costumes, the piece's anarchic games and strangely mesmerizing nonsense poems are ingeniously buffoonish while its half-giddy, half-terrified insistence on the cruel emptiness at the center of things becomes a kind of merry dirge. The original dadaists, with their oft-professed distain for the artistic past, might have scorned the idea of attempting to re-create the spirit of a 90-year-old experiment, but WNEP's well-crafted chaos proves that Dada retains its power to tickle and prod.

Want to get into the show for cheap? Wear one black and one white sock to any of this weekend's shows, point that fact out to the box office person, and you'll get $5 off your ticket price. If you're industry, you can see the show for free on Sunday (the aforementioned matinee). You're a FuzzyCo reader -- you're likely industrious, eh?

P.S. That Reader review (Critic's Choice!) is accompanied by another great big picture of DADA Flutter (and others) by Jim Newberry:

Chicago Reader - Soiree DADA