CCC au revoir

As usual, I am posting this too late for any real PR benefit, but you're the sort of person who a) reads blogs on Friday night or Saturday afternoon and b) lives in Chicago and c) is a Fuzzy-fan, then you might be interested to know that tomorrow night is the last Chicago Comedy Company show at The Playground for the foreseeable future. The demands of CCC's corporate work, classes, and their new suburban theatre means that CCC will be stepping down from active membership in the Playground.

It's been fun playing with CCC for this last year (I'm in an odd little arrangement where I only perform with CCC at the Playground, not as a part of any of their other activities) so come watch us before we become "emeritus" members of the Playground. We probably won't be doing any big blow-out, just the kind of fun-messing-around we've been doing all along -- at our last show, while we were warming-up we decided to do a Half-Bat (alternating scenes in the dark, Bat-style, and in the light). Whee!