Dirty Movie Night

Update: We've renamed the show SINema.

Well, Franky has put down the deposit, so I suppose I can start talking about the show. Lavender Cabaret and FuzzyCo are proud to bring you a new late night comedy-video-sexy extravaganza: Dirty Movie Night.

OK, first off, because this is you guys and not a press release, I've got to say that I'm trying to come up with a quick way to tell people that the dirty movies really aren't that dirty. We're going to be working with movies like 1977's Cheerleader Beach Party which has a lot of hare-brained cheerleader schemes and a bit of topless cheerleader showering. I don't want people scared off because they think the movies might be hard-core or anything.

And mostly it's going to be us (us being my talented cast, which includes Shaun Himmerick, Jared Logan, Erica Reid, and Andrea Swanson) making fun of those movies. We're going to be doing a whole grab bag of making-fun-of-movies styles, from commentary (ala Mystery Science Theater) to dubbing (ala Cinema 2.0) to short form improv and drinking games. Whee.

The show is going to run Friday nights at 11 pm at the Improv Kitchen (3419 N Clark), starting January 27.