Lurking in the Background

One of the great things about Impress These Apes, to my mind, is how weird it must look from the outside. A prime example of that is that with the multiple hosts and the small spaces we've done the show, photos from the show often have a co-host caught lurking in the background, leading to the cognitive dissonance (or as the kids would say these days, the WTF) of, sure, there's a guy with a puppet

Freddy and Noah
Photo by Erica Gerdes

…but who is that guy in his underwear back there?

And I guess I understand an over-bronzed guy in a tuxedo, but…

Impress These Apes 5 - Week 3
Photo by Fuzzy Gerdes

…why is there a creepy guy in a robe behind him?

And now, there's still no answer to any "why?", but the answer to the question, "Who's that caveman behind the melancholy bluesman with the concertina?" is…

Steven Lyons and Prehistoric Human
Photo by Elizabeth McQuern

… me!