The Shat

So, we’d probably do it anyway, but one of the perks of the freelance life is that when a friend asks, “Are you busy Friday morning? Can you join us in Star Trek uniforms at the WGN Morning News to do a bit for William Shatner?” you can say “sure!” with zero hesitation. Chad and Jenny Byers of the World of the Weird Monster Show were kind enough to not only ask us to join them, but to loan Erica and I much better costumes than we could have put together.

WGN has posted clips of the several bits we did with and for Shatner: providing him with various Star Trek tableaux as he walked from his green room to the studio, making up the audience for his interview, and fielding a scifi trivia team to face off against Shatner. And Tom Abraham’s Gorn stuck around to help Smarty Pants and some kids build a balloon car.

Fuzzy and Erica fighting a Gorn on the WGN Morning News


Sitting with a Gorn in the audience

Team Gerdes Red Shirts

This is not my first time hanging out with the man:

A young Fuzzy watches TV